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Fuchsia Shock Out
Fuchsia Shock Out

Fucshia Shock Out

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  • Varlion Club - Summum Level: €7.03

  • Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: €7.03

  • Varlion Club - Carbon Level: €7.03

Accessory that is placed in the holes of padel rackets with the main objective of reducing the vibrations that this produces when hitting the ball. The benefits of this new technology are:

  • Vibration reduction: through an ISO report carried out at the Polytechnic University of Madrid it has been shown that the vibration of the padel racket is reduced from 25% to 40% depending on the model.
  • Change of balance. Allows to vary the balance of the padel racket. Make it more "heavy" and gain power by placing them at the top, or have more control by moving them further down.
  • Personalization. The Varlion ShockOut Dampeners are available in different colors. In this way, we can choose the ones that best combine with our padel racket, as well as we can customize it by distributing them in the way that best suits us.

This new exclusive accessory of Varlion comes incorporated in the blades of the highest ranges, but you can also get them by buying them separately and in a wide variety of colors.

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