Cajón de bolas Summum Pro W 24u

Cajón de bolas Summum Pro W 24u

€128.02 VAT included
  • Varlion Club - Summum Level: €102.41

  • Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: €108.81

  • Varlion Club - Carbon Level: €115.21

Box dimensions: 47x32x22cm

Box weight: 5,8kg

Units: 24 tubes

Optimize your game with the box of 24 tubes of Summum Pro W balls! Varlion balls exclusively for the practice of padel.

Experience maximum performance in every match with our 24-tube box of Summum Pro W padel balls. Meticulously designed to meet the demands of the most discerning players, these high-performance balls elevate your game to a new level.

Each ball inside this box has been carefully manufactured with a focus on performance and durability. Developed specifically to adapt to different playing styles and varying environmental conditions, Summum Pro W balls offer exceptional response on every shot. They have been developed with not only the type of player's game in mind (fast or slow), but also the influence of the environmental and geographical conditions in which they compete (atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity).

Their higher pressure construction makes them ideal for play at sea level or in cold environments, ensuring exceptional consistency even in the most challenging conditions. Whether you're competing in a tournament or enjoying a casual game, these balls are designed to hold up and maintain their quality for longer.

With the box of 24 tubes of Summum Pro W balls, make sure you always have the supply you need to train and compete at the highest level as the best players in the world did during Mendoza Premier Padel 2022 and Madrid Premier Padel 2022-2023.