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360 Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W
Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W
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Cañon Carbon Difusor 20.1 W

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  • Varlion Club - Summum Level: €123.55

  • Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: €123.55

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Varlion padel racket for professional level, with a diamond shape that privileges power over control.

Manufactured using a bi-directional carbon tubular and a 38mm Hypersoft EVA core with high hardness for the "S" version (Summer) and low hardness for the "W" version (Winter).
The core is laminated by means of two layers of plain carbon fiber 7Rhombus fabric and one layer of aluminized fiberglass fabric, which weight depends on if the racket is the “S” or “W” version.
It is reinforced in the heart with plain carbon fiber fabric, impregnated in Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin, for maximum elasticity and resistance, and covered by a layer of titanium dioxide.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Wings Diffuser technology in the heart, aerodynamically optimized with a 27% improvement in air passage compared to the previous one, which allows a better control of the racket to direct the ball where the player wants and with more regularity.

  • Different rackets for different temperatures. Temperature is decisive for the racket, causing more or less elasticity in the core. To solve the changes that temperature exerts on racket materials, this model has been manufactured with two different core constructions. LW Carbon Difusor S is recommended to be used at temperatures above 25ºC / 77ºFF, and LW Carbon Difusor W is recommenden to temperatures below 25ºC / 77ºF.
    In this way, it is recommended to carry both rackets in the bag, so the player will use one model or another depending on the temperature.

  • Includes an adhesive Hexagon bumper. Designed and produced through a low hardness PTU injection mold to absorb bumps and chafing. This protector is fixed on racket frame through an adhesive tape without the need to drill it, which also helps to avoid vibrations. In its latest version we have reduced its weight by 50%; it weights now only 11 grams.

  • A mold with a larger hexagonal rough for better effects.

Cañon, Hexagon frame, Wings Difusor and Adhesive Bumper, are brands and utility models registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and therefore exclusively owned and used by Varlion.


Hexagonal frame whose shape provides greater rigidity and resistance to the racket, thanks to the creation of a rib in the frame, which has a straight part (edge) and a chamfered part (chamfer).


Rough texture with a hexagonal shape on the racket plane, which increases the effect of the ball when contacting with the surface in topspin or cut shots.


The environmental temperature directly influences the behavior of a padel racket, altering its hardness and flexibility. This situation causes changes and instability in our game.

To solve this problem, the higher ranges models have been manufactured in duplicate (a "W" version of Winter, and another "S" version of Summer), with enough technical differences in the construction of its core to play with one version or another depending on the ambient temperature:

  • At high temperatures the materials soften, especially the foam or EVA of the core, thus changing the rackets performance. Therefore, the rackets with the red thermometer or the letter "S" incorporate materials with a lower elasticity and hardness, so the behavior of the racket will be ideal with temperatures from 25ºC / 77ºF.

  • At low temperatures, just the opposite occurs: the core hardens and gains control, but it loses noticeably flexibility, so to obtain a good behavior you should choose the racket with the blue thermometer or the letter "W", recommended for playing with lower temperatures at 25ºC / 77º F, since they incorporate materials with greater mechanical elasticity.


Technology developed with the aim of directing the air flow in the only "treatable" area of the racket where the air passes through, its heart. The advantages of this technology are:

  • Increased player speed on both quick hits and smash.

  • Greater hitting regularity by making the trajectory more constant, thanks to the zero influence of the turbulences that conventional rackets normally have in the heart area.

  • Greater number of blows with more control, also thanks to the reduction of said turbulence.

Its design is inspired by the diffuser that included the Formula 1 Brawn GP team for the first time on the rear and bottom of the car.


12K carbon fiber fabric in a rhomboid shape, to a greater flexibility in the core.


New adhesive bumper designed exclusively for models with Hexagon frame. In its previous version, this it weighed 21gr. However, thanks to the new design it has been possible to reduce its weight by half, and now it  only weights 10gr.

It has been designed and produced through an injection mold in a low hardness PTU to absorb shocks and chafing.

It is fixed on the racket frame by means of an adhesive material without the need to drill into the frame and thus avoiding having to weaken it for its fixing. Consequently, possible vibrations of the bumper are eliminated and we achieve a total twinning between the racket frame and the lower surface of the bumper.

Technology patented and registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office extensible to other countries.


Drilling technology that consists of using 3 different drilling sizes, making them smaller in the central area (10 mm in diameter), medium in the middle area up to close to the frame (11.5 mm) and large in the perimeter area or closer to the frame (13 mm). With this perforation, we compensate the excessive flexibility of the center of the racket with the low flexibility of the area of the core that joins the frame, thus allowing greater homogeneity to blows and increasing the resistance of the core.


Soft foam core with spectacular measures of hardness and rebound, which gives a very balanced control and power to the racket, to play at low temperatures or up to 25ºC.

Type of gameMainly power
LineSuper Pro
Type of coreHard core for -25ºC/-77ºF
Main materialCarbon fiber
Heart constructionWith difusor
Rough texture in the surfaceYes, SLICE texture. Very noticeable and embedded in the racket mold
Self-adhesive bumperYes
CoverYes, Begins cover included
WeightFrom 335 to 365 gr.

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