Bourne Summum Prisma Radio S

Bourne Summum Prisma Radio S

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  • Varlion Club - Summum Level: €294.15

  • Varlion Club - Super Pro Level: €312.53

  • Varlion Club - Carbon Level: €330.92


The Bourne Summum Prisma Radio S is one of the reference rackets on the market for its design and technological innovations. It is designed to satisfy the most demanding players who only settle for the best. All rackets with RADIO Technology have a totally different construction from the rest of the rackets you will find on the market. These blades are the first that are not drilled or perforated, since they already come out of the mold itself with these holes created. For more information, you can read in the RADIO Technologies section. A padel racket with a very hard feel, recommended for those looking for power in all their shots and that has a reduced sweet spot and a high balance. The weight of the racket includes the Prism Protector on its head and the Summum Pro Case is included when purchasing the item.




The Bourne Summum Prisma Radio S is manufactured using a bidirectional carbon tubular and a Hypersoft foam core laminated only with a layer of 12K carbon fiber and a thin layer of fiberglass. Finally, the heart and frame are covered by a layer of titanium dioxide, reinforced with 12K plain carbon fiber fabric and impregnated with Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin for greater elasticity and resistance.



This blade is made with the BOURNE shape, a hybrid that is born from the fusion of the traditional diamond (power blades) and teardrop (balanced blades) shapes. It is an exclusive form of Varlion that adds a control point to the offensive blades, giving us 60% power and 40% control.



It is the most differentiating factor of this Bourne Summum Prisma Radio W. The technology RADIO represents a revolution in the way padel blades are manufactured, which have always had holes once they have come out of the oven. Thanks to this system we can drill the materials before placing them in the mold, thus avoiding damaging the blade with the drills.


The blade now comes out of the oven with the holes already made and with a rounded and smooth radius, which increases the strength of the core and reduces the amount of fabrics necessary for its manufacture.




The Airflow technology refers to the elongated holes that we find on the perimeter of the blade. It is a system developed by Varlion following studies carried out in the wind tunnel that confirm that the holes in the central area of ​​the blade produce turbulence. Thanks to Airflow we are able to increase the passage of air through the outer area to gain aerodynamics and achieve a more comfortable hit.




The “S” that appears in the name of the blade means SUMMER, since this model can be found in another “W” or WINTER version.


What is the difference? The blades are exactly the same except for the rubber, which in the Winter version is softer and is suitable for playing temperatures below 25ºC, while the Summer version is harder and performs better above 25ºC.


With heat the cores of the blades soften and with cold they harden, which can affect performance. Our recommendation is that you carry both blades in your bag and you can use one or the other depending on the weather conditions, but if you only have one of the two versions you will not have problems if you use it throughout the year. Choose the touch that best suits your game.




The Summum technology provides three factors that improve the performance of the blade:


- Longer handle than usual: Normally the blades have a 12.5cm handle, but the Summum blades have a 14.5cm grip, which provides us with a more comfortable and professional grip and extra comfort for players who perform the two-handed backhand.

- A 1 cm longer hitting surface: the largest hitting surface in a professional blade. Thanks to the expansion of the core we get much more control and responsiveness in the game.

- Wings Diffuser Technology: it's a diffuser aerodynamically improved that provides more maneuverability and precision.




The Prisma frame arises to avoid the damage we cause to the blade by hitting it with the wall or glass. Thanks to its Prisma shape, this frame reduces the contact surface by up to 90% and also improves air resistance by 10%, providing greater maneuverability and acceleration during impacts.


For greater safety, the Bourne Summum Prisma Radio S includes an adhesive protector which adapts perfectly to this very special framework.




Slice is the name given to the most effective rough texture on the market. They are a series of curved lines arranged on the face of the blade in both directions. This allows both left and right handed players to increase spin when hitting slices. In the cases of the Premium Line blades, this texture comes directly from the mold, so it is not a screen print or any type of decal.




Handlesafety is the security system that the handle of the blade has. Usually the blades are manufactured with a hole centered in the handle from which the rope comes out. This method sometimes fails and the situation may arise that the blade detaches from the string, causing an error in the game and a dangerous situation for all players.

Handlesafety technology has solved this problem, since the rope passes through the two walls of the handle and thus prevents the blade and the rope from separating. It also offers us extra comfort on the wrist.

Type of gameMainly power
Type of coreVery hard core for +25ºC/+77ºF
Main materialCarbon fiber
Handle14,5 cm
FramePrisma frame
Heart constructionWith difusor
Rough texture in the surfaceYes, SLICE texture. Very noticeable and embedded in the racket mold
Self-adhesive bumperYes
CoverYes, Summum Pro cover included
WeightFrom 340 to 375 gr.

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