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Varlion Padel Balls

The new 20.1 Collection includes the new Varlion can of balls, made up of high-performance balls developed exclusively for the practice of padel.

These new balls have been manufactured and developed thinking not only in terms of the player's type of game (fast or slow), but also in the influence of the environmental and geographical conditions in which they compete (atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity). Thus, you can find two types of balls: the Summum Pro S and the Summum Pro W.

The Summum Pro S ball is designed to play in low pressure areas in summer, that is, indoors and in high altitude areas. It is a ball that is characterized by having spectacular control, incredible touch and great speed when we apply power to it.

In contrast, the Summum Pro W ball is built with more pressure to play in areas at sea level or indoors in the winter months or with low temperatures.

The main characteristic of this new product is the durability, not only of the ball in terms of number of matches, but also in terms of the quality of performance over time.