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Advanced Line Padel Rackets

Level the playing field in your favor with Varlion’s Advanced Line of Padel Rackets, now up for grabs at unparalleled prices online. These ingenious new class of padel rackets ensure quality endurance, comfortable grip and phenomenal play on the court for advanced players.

You get an option to settle from a variety of high-end rackets to choose from, each with its own unique remarkable design and pragmatic appeal. These include rackets such as ‘LW Carbon Titan’, LW Carbon Alu’ and ‘Bourne Carbon Titan’.

The ‘LW Carbon Titan’and ‘LW Carbon Alu’ variant of our advanced line padel rackets come with a round shape that privileges control over power. The ‘Bourne Carbon Titan’ variant of our advanced line comes with a tear drop shape that privileges power over control.

Varlion’s padel rackets possess a hexagonal shaped frame which provides more stiffness and resistance to players while swinging their rackets.

The hitting surface is also exclusively designed with Slice technology (rough texture) to aid the player in producing shots more effectively. Moreover, the rackets are covered with holes all over their surface (the external holes with a diameter of 13mm and internal holes with a diameter of 11.5mm). Together they help in making the hitting more homogenous.

Finally, our rackets are designed with the safety and comfort of our customers in mind. Therefore, our rackets provide remarkable handle-safety wherein the restraint of the belt goes through the racket’s handle and comes out in two ends.

Apart from the above mentioned robust features, the padel rackets at Varlion are remarkably stylish… blending sleek colors like grey, black, fluorescent and red, to give these hard-hitting rackets a visually arresting appeal.

So explore to your heart’s content, choose the racket you feel best suits your requirements, and get your preferred Varlion’s Advanced Line of Padel Rackets delivered right to your doorstep.