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Intensive Line Padel Rackets

Choose from the collection of Varlion’s top-quality ITSV Line of Padel Rackets, now up for grabs online in three unique and incredible designs. These ingenious new class of padel rackets include robust high-end variants such as the ‘LW 8.8’, ‘LW 8.8 Women’ and ‘Bourne 8.8’.

Our ITSV line of padel rackets are crafted with bi-directional tubes of fiberglass and carbon, and further reinforced with plain carbon fiber fabric at the heart to give the rackets substantial durability. The rackets are designed with a hexagon frame to make them more resistant and rigid.

The LW 8.8 variants of our ITSV line of padel rackets come with a round shape that privilege control over power. As such, they are ideal for soft play.

The ‘Bourne 8.8’ variant, on the other hand, possesses a teardrop shape that prioritizes power over control to allow for intense play on the padel court. It is also ideal for players who prefer soft rackets.

With Varlion’s ITSV line, players get an option to settle from a set of top quality rackets, each with their own unique design and pragmatic appeal. Moreover, all of the below products are up for grabs at some of the best prices online.

So hop on to our store, choose the ITSV line of padel racket you most adore, and get your preferred ITSV line of Padel Rackets delivered right to your doorstep.