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Junior Line Padel Rackets

Get an exciting and fun playing experience with Varlion’s Junior Line of Padel Rackets, which are ideal for children between 7 and 11 years old. These ingenious new class of padel rackets include the ‘Maxima Summum Junior’ and ‘Maxima Summum Junior Woman’.

These variants of padel rackets possess a round teardrop shape and are designed to prioritize control over power. The padel rackets possess a hexagonal shaped frame which provides more rigidity and resistance to the racket. Moreover, the bidirectional tubes of our rackets are crafted with tough glass and carbon fiber to make the rackets more durable.

The rackets are also known for their comfortably longer ‘Summum’ handles which gives the racket a tighter grip and also makes driving and backhand strokes more convenient. The frames also come with gradually drilled holes over the flat side of the padel racket, which gives the racket a bigger hitting surface.

Finally, our rackets are designed with the safety and comfort of children in mind. Therefore our rackets provide remarkable handle-safety to ensure safe play on the court.

So choose from any of these two remarkable variants in our Junior Line of Padel Rackets, and get your preferred Padel Racket delivered right to your doorstep.