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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Durable, high-end ergonomic start bags

Varlion brings to you a high-end collection of padel racket bags exalted with renovated design in the form of Ergonomics begins. These bags come with 1 padel racket compartment and a capacity of 34 liters to comfortably pack-in your necessary sporting gear.

The bags are made from durable waterproof nylon, and thoroughly covered and padded inside with this top-quality material to protect your padel rackets, and anything else you may feel like carrying in your bag along with it.

Varlion's collection of ergonomic begins bags are specifically designed by keeping the needs and requirements of players in mind. As such, the bags are equipped with one large and spacious pocket which possesses the capacity to carry your clothes, towel, balls, and other accessories, while also providing pocket specifically designed side to carry your padel racket.

To make matters even more enticing, the bags also have an inner pocket with sufficient room to pack-in your personal belongings like phone, sunglasses, keys etc. Plus, flip the bags and you will witness a shoe compartment tailor made to keep your footwear on the back side.

The new ergonomic padded straps only add to the appeal of these marvelous bags, allowing you to carry it comfortably as a backpack as it fits impeccably on your shoulders and body without stressing it out.

These bags are now up for grabs in 5 visually arresting colors to satisfy varying preferences. So whether you like the blue one, or have a soft spot for the yellow design, all of these bags can be delivered straight to your home at unparalleled prices today.

So hurry, and choose the ergonomic begins bag you prefer the most to rock a backpack that seamlessly combines comfort with style.