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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Varlion Summum Pro Padel Bags

With space for 4 padel rackets, and a capacity of 56 liters in volume, Summum Pro padel racket bags are Varlion's most ambitious offering yet.

The bags are made from durable waterproof nylon, and covered and padded with the same to ensure robust protection to everything you carry on inside.

The bags come with one large pocket that allows you to carry your clothes, bottle of balls, and other accessories, while also possessing two lateral pockets to carry 4 padel rackets (2 in each) with utmost ease. One of the side pockets is armed with thermal protection to protect rackets from damage due to exposure to high temperature.

Plus, the bags also possess two little side pockets that allow players to carry their personal items such as a phone, headset, wallet etc. and a sophisticated shoe compartment with an opening that allows airflow for the shoes to breathe and prevent the accumulation of odor and dirt on them.

Varlion Summum Pro padel racket bags are now available for purchase in three colors (yellow, green and orange). So grab the variant you prefer most, and get delivered straight to your doorstep.