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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Varlion padel Wristbands

We present you the new Varlion wristbands. This collection is designed so that it can be combined with the rest of the products of 20.1 Collection, that is, padel rackets, bags, backpacks, caps, hair bands..., to always keep the style both inside and outside track.

The new padel wristbands are the perfect combination of quality, durability and elasticity. They guarantee the quick absorption of sweat and humidity and they also dry quickly, which makes them the best ally for an intense match.

This collection of wristbands is designed in three different sizes and they are ideal for any athlete, whether it is a padel player or any other sport or physical activity. Thus, you will find the Classic Man wristbands, with a standard size for men; Classic Woman with a slightly smaller size, designed for women; and Pro wristbands, twice the size compared to the standard size, for those more demanding players who suffer from more perspiration.